Tuesday, 17 April 2012

He Was ...

He was someone to whom i've started talking to.He was just a friend or i thought he would just be so.
He then finally turned out to be MY best friend.The one who understands me most.The one who makes me laugh.The one with whom i loved to spend  much time with.The one who do look like me.The one who knows all about me.Then one day i realised that he was more than all this to me, that he means so much more. Never before had i felt this way for someone.

But still, we can only be best friends nothing more.
Above all this i think he was my biggest mistake but the most beautiful one. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ce n'est qu'une question de CHANCE

[Tu m'as dit qu'une jolie fille meritait d'avoir un mec bien ]
Mais je me demande : et si la fille n'a pas vraiment été chanceuse de ce coté?
Oui la chance viendra avec le temps comme tu me l'as encore dit,
Mais que se passera-t-il si cette meme chance ne vient jamais, que la personne ne realise peut-etre pas qu'elle la laisse passer?
Je cherche qu'a comprendre parceque jai l'impression que tu ne me comprends pas

Que se passera-t-il si ma chance c'est peut-etre TOI ?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Question marks are the only things present in my little mind..
So much questions i'm asking myself and so much answers still not found.

Is it the right choice?
Do i need to let go?
Do i need to  tell everything?
Do i need to accept it?
When will it be my turn?
Shall I one day know what this is about? shall i know what it looks like, how it really is?
will i ever stop asking myself questions and go for it?
will i ever stop being afraid of those little things?

but mainly

Monday, 20 February 2012


Hey guys! Hope you're all fine overthere :)

Just ended watching a mauritian tv show where reporters show you people in need, people asking for help, children even babies having all sort of diseases that we never imagined they could have. A very touching tv show, where you do see parents asking for help for their children, where you do see how it's difficult for them, how their lives change. Today there was a mother who lost her eldest child, a boy of only 11yrs old who comitted suicide and who leaves behind two sisters and two brothers. There was not only this family but also other ones like one where a baby suffer from a skin disease.
Guys really all this is extremely sad. Think how painful this must be for them who live that kind of life everyday with no help provided to them :(

I realised after watching this that WE should be thankful for everything we have, either being positive or negative ones.
we should STOP complaining everytime for simple little things of no importance at all
Instead we should start acting, start doing things to help those people, to bring them our support, to put a smile on the face of those children, and may be to change lives of hundreds of people.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Hey ya!

Hey there! :)
As i previously said i'm Natacha and i live in Mauritius Island.

Actually i don't really know what to write about cause it's been a long time since i stop blogging and writing things so i think i'll just be saying how i feel and post things i'd love to share with people :)

what's up to now Feb 2012 - im actually a third year student doing again her Higher School Certificate exams --' cause she's forced to do so yet i kind of love going back to school and see friends and having homeworks and tuitions even my MATHS CLASS --' you shall be thinking <<she's a NERD>> actually i'm NOT xD

today Friday 16 February 2012 is the end of my first school week.. it's been kind of tiring to get up early again ( i forgot what it was like after two months holidays) but still i managed to wake up every morning and today at school ( i must say im proud of myself :p ) i started doing again some physical exercises ( yeah actually i did stop all this cause i'm kind of lazy person when it deals with physical education, sports and all :p ) but today i started again with physical exercises and all, though now i do suffer from my legs and arms..

I'll leave you here cause i feel like i need some rest for today :)

Nites :)
Nat xoxo